Puppy contest moving to St. Louis

St. Louis will play host to the International Puppy Contest in July. But wait — these aren’t the fluffy, adorable, four-legged puppies that you might find at the local shelter. These puppies are, well, people.

A puppy is a man or woman who “identifies closely with real biological pups/dogs and lets go of their human inhibitions and stress to embrace their animal instinct,” according to the International Puppy Club (NSFW), which sponsors the contest. That includes people wearing dog collars (and often little else), wearing dog ears and masks, eating from dog bowls and being scolded with a rolled-up newspaper. Based on photos from previous events (NSFW link — that’s an awkward conversation with your boss or mother), most of the participants are men, and there’s a lot of leather.

The contest will be at Bad Dog Bar and Grill on July 17-20. The Riverfront Times named Bad Dog the area’s best gay bar in 2010.

Last year’s contest was in St. Petersburg, Fla. The contest will be in St. Louis for the next five years.

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